Ear Reshaping in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan

A Survey!

The surgery of the ears is an aesthetic treatment which is also known as otoplasty. Throughout the methodology, the expert is fit for changing the size of the ear or forming the ears. Some individuals undergo the treatment to rectify the deformities and others might get it done to change the formation.

Aim Of The Procedure:

We have our experts who will provide the individual to opt for the treatment of ears to rectify the abnormal structure and the ears of the individuals are stuck out too far from the head. Ear Surgery is performed for several candidates who remain brokenhearted from their childhood because of the shape of their ears. Some have floppy ears and some have a bigger size.

The misalignment of the ear structure will lead individuals to cover their ears with hair or caps, but luckily  Medixo Clinic is at your service to change the shape of your ears which will ease you to appear beautiful and content, where you will not required to hide your ears anymore.

Outcomes Of The Methodology:

Ear Reshaping in Islamabad & Abbottabad can deliver natural-looking outcomes and provide a balance to the face and ears. It enhances the self-confidence of the client, giving the individual an attractive look and normalizing the dimension and form that will ease in acquiring an effective result.

What Are The Top Advantages?

Medixo Clinic is catering many benefits, some of the most common advantages are listed below:

  • No side effects.
  • No marks.
  • Social anxiety will end.
  • The irregular formation of the ear will be amended.
  • A long-term and permanent outcome.
  • Successful and guarded treatment.
  • Your morale will be helped.
  • The attraction of facial is enhanced.
  • The emotional condition will strengthen.

The Best Candidates:

For a temporary duration, the individual can hide the ears with their hair but they cannot be hidden for a long time. Ear Reshaping In Islamabad is the most famous treatment for several individuals providing aesthetic results. People are ideal candidates for the methodology if:

  • The individual has suffered from an accident.
  • Candidates who are not satisfied with the early treatment.
  • If you have bigger or droopy ears.
  • The individuals are healthy.
  • No life-threatening illness.
  • The ears are far from the head on both sides.
  • Practical expectations.
  • Particular goals.

 Cost Of The Method:

The cost of the invasive procedure will range from 100,000 PKR to 150,000 PKR. Several other components might affect the price in addition to:

  • The qualification of the practitioner.
  • The charges of the practitioner.
  • Facilities of the operating room.
  • Fees of anesthesia.
  • Medical tests.
  • The type of otoplasty.
  • The locality of the clinic.
  • The reputation of the clinic.
  • Medication prescribed.
  • Other expenditures.


It is suggested to consult the practitioner before undergoing the methodology, throughout the discussion the specialist will perform the following:

  • The review of past medical.
  • Surgeries occurred in the past.
  • Current or past condition of the medical.
  • The evaluation of the ears’ shape, replacement, and dimension.
  • Have a conversation about the risks and costs associated with the method.
  • Ask questions if you are not clear about any information.

The Methodology:

Ear Reshaping in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan performs otoplasty where the candidate is not require to stay in the hospital overnight. The methodology will take about four three to four hours, depending upon the complexity and specifications of the treatment.

Local anesthesia will be given to the youngsters and adults meanwhile the treatment. In a few cases general anesthesia might be utilized, this is mostly recommended for youngsters who are going under the procedure of reshaping the ear.

The procedure generally includes:

A cut will be made on the back of the ear or between the folding of the ear.

Operating the ear tissue in the ear involves the elimination of the skin, folding, and the formation of the cartilage with durable stitches.

Stitches are made to seal the cuts.


The specialist will bandage the treated part to support and protect the treated ear. It is vital to follow the sessions after the treatment to heal the treated place sooner and to have an effective outcome.

  • Wash your face and head carefully.
  • Do not scratch your ears.
  • Refrain from touching the ears.
  • Relief from discomfort medications will be given.
  • Restrain from participating in any physical activity.
  • Look out when you are outside.
  • Wear shirts that are easier to pull over the head for instance button-up shirts.
  • To eliminate bandages and stitches visit us back.

Risk Associated With The Methodology:

There are a few side-effects that might be in the course of the action, these complications may vary from body to body and the condition of the health. Below are some major complications the individual might observe:

  • Infection may be caused.
  • Skin numbness will be observed for the time being.
  • In the treated places swelling will appear.
  • The candidate will feel the pain.

Look After Us, We are Here for You!

Our Medixo Clinic delivers outstanding outcomes according to the assumptions of the individual with expert practitioners performing Ear Reshaping in Islamabad & Abbottabad at a very sensible cost. We are to give you an appealing and satisfying outcome. If you have any queries feel comfortable to consult our team anytime, we are here to be your helping hand.