HydraFacial Cost Price in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Facial


If having different types of skin concerns such as dull, dry skin and early signs of ageing then you should be worried about it. As if these concerns will remain with you for a longer time then it can make you look older and less attractive. Both men and women are concerned about their looks in the modern world. If you are one of those people who want to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and other different types of skin concerns then do not worry we have the most amazing Hydra Facial for you at an affordable price. Want to know about the Hydra Facial Cost in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan then keep reading the following blog. 

What is a Hydra Facial?

As the name Hydra indicates this amazing facial will hydrate your skin internally and externally. It will deliver instant hydration to the skin, and will also protect your skin from free radicals. You should consider Hydra Facial as a part of an anti-aging skincare routine. You should not make an excuse to invest in your skin, as skin is the only thing that represents you for your whole life. Hydra facial is a multi-step procedure in which skin is cleansed, exfoliated, and hydrated at the same time. The treatment procedure takes half an hour to complete and you do not need to wait long to get the hydra facial. Sometimes this amazing facial is also combined with other types of facial treatments to get dramatic results.  

How Much Does Hydra Facial Cost?

The cost of Hydra Facial is different in every country and for everyone. As there are multiple steps involved in a Hydra Facial the cost depends on it. The skin concern of every person is different, the skin expert will examine your skin condition, will tell you the required number of steps for your skin and will select the cost of the treatment. The Hydra Facial Cost in Islamabad starts from PKR 5,000. The price increases as the number of steps increases. Certain factors affect the cost of the treatment, these factors are discussed below:

  • Skin Condition:

People have dull and dry skin which affects their appearance. If you have minor skin concerns then the cost will be a little less. While people who have major skin issues and less elastic skin will have to pay more for the Hydra facial.

  • Number of Sessions:

Every person requires a different number of sessions to get flawless skin. Every person has a different skin concern and will require a different number of sessions. The cost of each session is different so the price is decided accordingly.

  • Type of Serums Used:

The dermatologist uses different serums on every skin, and the cost of every serum is different. He will select the most suitable type of serum for your face and will tell you the cost of the amazing facial.

  • Dermatologist’s Experience:

A dermatologist who has years of experience in performing Skin Care Treatments and is highly experienced will have more fees as compared to an unskilled and unprofessional person. Even if you have to pay more make sure you choose a qualified skincare expert.

  • Clinic Reputation:

The clinic which is highly reputed and located in a popular area will have a higher price for Hydra facial, as they have the most advanced and modern facial machines and equipment. 

How Often Should You Get Hydra Facial?

If you are thinking of getting a Hydra facial then make sure in the start you get the session twice or thrice a month. After 3 to 4 months when your skin is much improved and you can see that amazing glow on your face. Then you can get benefits from the facial only by taking one session of the hydra facial per month. The skin care expert will also guide you on how many sessions are suitable for your skin.

Final Thoughts!

If you have lost your skin sparkle and have developed fine lines and wrinkles due to different factors. Then you can take hydra facial sessions to get flawless and clear skin in less time. We are performing the Hydra facial at a very affordable cost. You can book an appointment with us by filling out the form and our team will contact you shortly. Want to know more about the Hydrafacial Cost in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan then you can freely contact us.