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“Skin as white as snow, lips as red as rose”, you must have heard this famous quote. Beauty is main concern for everyone. Having a bright, radiant skin is the big dream of every person. So make your dream come true by the effective laser treatments. Laser treatments are non surgical prodecures that helps you to deal with many skin issues.

The department of cosmetic surgery has gained wide versatility with the time but rumors and misinformations surround every department. Every year thousands of laser treatments have been performed on patients who were beauty conscious and tired of skin issues. In 2022 alone we have done approximately more than 10,000 laser treatments which is a big ratio.

What Areas Can Be Treated By Laser Treatments?

If you want to cut out the expense of shaving or waxing for hair removal then you should go for laser treatments.ย  Fortunately laser has successfully treated many areas of body that you are looking to address


On of the most frequently treated areas of the body with laser is face. Growth of excessive hair on face gives some sort of weird and unpleasant look especially if you have a darker skin tone. Lasers also successfully treats all the acne, scars, wrinkles, and other skin problems. Since laser does not penetrates to the lower dermis so it is approved as safe and sound procedure for treating sensitive facial areas also.


Another area of body that is often exposed to laser treatment is underarms. Soften your stiff hairs of underarms by just few sessions of laser treatments. Moreover, it also removes the visible dark shadow under your arm that improves your confidence and self esteem.


Along with face it is also preferred to remove all the unwanted hair of legs. The skin of legs in tougher and tight as compared to face. Many women have already put their legs through waxing and shaving with razors so laser treatment is not a big deal. Legs are also popular area treated by laser and does not make you prone to diseases as razor does.

Am I Suitable to Opt for Laser Treatments?

The ideal candidate for laser treatment is the one who is in good health. If you are enjoying good health then you will not face any complications during treatment. Your dermatologist will conduct your physical examination and ensure if you are suitable for this treatments.

This cosmetic procedure is done when a candidate is suffering from serious skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, face lines, scarring and enlarged pores. Laser treatment is valuable for treating all these skin problems.

Other than that, you are suitable for laser treatments if you have darker hair and fair skin. In addition, if you do not smoke or drink then you should schedule an appointment.

How to Get Ready for Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments may require some adjustments to avoid serious complications during procedure. Avoid taking supplements such as aspirin or ibuprofen that affect blood clotting before the start of this procedure. If you smoke than inhibit smoking for two to three weeks prior to laser treatment. Do not expose your skin directly to the sun. Sun protection is essentail before all kinds of laser treatments to avoid serious complications and ensure success of procedures. Do not apply any skin care products on your skin this may have adverse laser effects. Do not tweeze or wax your legs or face for at least two weeks before treatment or at all in between laser treatments. Refrain yourself from consuming caffeinated products for 24 hours before the treatment.

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Why to Choose Laser Treatments?

  • Instant pain relief with no side effects
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Clear the dark spots and smoothens your complexion
  • Stimulates the elastin and collagen production
  • Heals and remolds the skin creating a tighter skin
  • Wrinkles, acne and face lines respond well to laser

What to Expect from Laser Treatments

Any skin problems can be treated by different vendors. Many people are confused that which laser they should choose so it is better to ask your physician to treat the particular problem which is to be treated. For fruitful results the patient may give series of treatments before laser therapy. Your skin treatment is customized according to the skin type of candidate to avoid complicatuons in laser therapy. Our cosmetic surgeons use different laser treatment to blend the color and texture of scars to make the skin tone even.

The physician administers the sedation or general anesthesia before the start of the procedure. which method they consider depends on type and size of scars and it is also related to the age of the person. The laser treatments may cause mild pain or discomfort if an ointment is applied for numbness.

Besides lesions or scarring laser treatments are used for multiple purposes. Laser treatments are widely used to treat hypervascular lesions, unwanted superfacial lesions, hypertrophic scarring and unwanted facial hair.

We use different types of lasers that targets different things such as pigment, water or hemoglobin. We can cure variety of skin conditions using different lasers.

Laser is an intense light beam that is focused on a small area. the laser heats the cells in the area to be treated until they burst. There are several types of lasers and all are used for specific purposes. the color of light beam used in the laser depends on the type of surgery and color of tissue which is to be processed.

Lasers have numerous uses in medical treatments that can burn, destroy and cut the tissue. Laser treatments has many wide applications in medical world that includes cutting of damaged tissue, removal of unwanted hair on the body, clearing arteries, whitening of teeth, removing wrinkles,acne and reshaping the area during eye surgery.

Before & After Results

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How Long it takes to Heal after Laser treatments?

When you wake up after treatment you might experience pain, nausea and other effects of anesthesia. This is a completely normal part of the recovery process. You can also feel redness and inflammation on the affected area but that will leave the body after sometime.

After the treatment, it is normal for the face to feel hot. Your old skin may also peel off about a week after laser treatment. Follow all the instructions that are instructed by your doctor for quick recovery. Fortunately, pain and discomfort will be managed and lessened with prescriptive medicines.

The downtime usually lasts for aboiut two weeks but advanced age and adverse health conditions may prolong the process. Make sure to take proper care for better and effective results. Prevent the chance of infection and promote the healing process because ‘The faster you heel, the sooner you will see the results.

What Results can I expect from Laser Treatments?

The results of laser treatments are not permenant. To achieve the better and long-lasting results multiple laser sessions are required. How longer sessions are required varies for each person. You will see noticable results after the healing process is completed. When low beam lasers are used the recovery period is approximately one week but lasers with high beam requires more recovery time. It may take three weeks for recovery. Once you are done with the treatment you will get ideal results.

Are you Ready for Laser Treatments?

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