Putting our patient’s safety and privacy is our priority. We have designed patient privacy in such a way to deliver amazing results to our valuable patients. The rights which are mentioned on our website are the same for everyone regardless of age, gender, and religion. The patient policy of our clinic includes the following things:

  • Consent Form

Before the start of any procedure, the patient has to sign a consent form in which he will tell if she or he agrees to get the procedure. He should be aware of the side effects and complications associated with a specific type of treatment. 

  • Disclosure to Medical Record

Every patient has a different type of cosmetic and medical concern. For this purpose different types of tests are also performed which are stored in the medical record and your privacy is maintained and not shared with anyone.

  • Patient Photographs

It is unethical to use the images of the person without permission. The pictures are taken before and after the treatment but it is stored in the medical record and is shared on our live website with the permission of the patient.

  • Minor Details

Every patient can ask about minor details about the procedure such as the procedure, side effects, cost, pre-procedural, after care, and expected outcomes of the treatment procedure. So you can ask anything about the treatment without any hesitation. 

Your Right as a Patient:

There are many rights that you can enjoy if you visit our clinic as a patient. Some of the rights are:

  • Your information is fully protected and confidential with us
  • You have a right to get the best treatment procedures at our clinic
  • You can get emergency treatment here
  • You have a right to deny getting the specific drug or treatment at the last moment
  • You have a right to the doctor about his qualification and experience
  • You can ask the clinic staff to show you before and after pictures
  • You have a right that the doctor and all staff members treat you with respect
  • Every patient is given the same right without any discrimination
  • You can ask about the cost of any treatment plan
  • You have the right when you want a discharge from the clinic
  • Any patient is not allowed to smoke in the clinic 

Contact Us!

We have tried our best to provide you with all types of information related to the patient policy. But if you have any other query then you can contact us freely.