As privacy plays an important role to win the trust of the patients. So by keeping this point in mind our website is designed in such a way that keeps the information of the patient secure. This privacy policy is created by keeping the privacy of their clients as a top priority. The website is developed by using the latest techniques so no one can hack the website or take the content of the site. Our privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for all services offered by us.

  • Information Collection

Our website collects information such as basic medical history and contact information. This basic information is needed for scheduling an appointment for you. We also focus on delivering the information which is most relevant to your interest, so our website will save a little code that will personalise the website according to the client’s demand. This code will only be saved when someone visits our website. But no need to worry, all the cookies are safe and will not share your information with any other person.

  • Registration

When you are a new client, you open our website then you have to register our website. And for registering you have to provide some basic information such as contact number, name, and email. The reason for collecting this information is that our team can contact you. Further, if you are interested in booking the consultation then your credit card information can also be collected to get our services. If you are sharing your credit card information with us then remain worry-free as your information is only used for payment and not shared with any of the staff members.

  • Email Newsletter

If you are interested in subscribing to our newsletter, then our website will show you a field in which your name, email, and demographic information are required. Your data is highly secured with us so you can subscribe to the newsletter without worrying that we will invade your privacy.

  • Invite a Friend

Our customer also has a feature by which you can refer a friend to our clinic and services. For this, you will have to tell us the contact information of your friend so that our team can contact your friend easily. This chat and information will only remain between two parties so there is no chance of invading privacy.

  • Interaction with Us

If you have got any type of treatment or service from our clinic then you can share your review with us. Your review will be visible to all the people and can also help new clients to get an idea about our amazing services.ย 


  • Third-Party Websites

On our website, we also provide links to other websites for providing you with further information. We are not responsible if you come to our website and then visit another website, if something happens then we are not responsible for it.

Notification and Changes

If we change anything regarding our privacy policy then we will post it on our website. We will make you aware of what kind of information we will collect or if we disclose it or not. If you are a user or our client then keep visiting our privacy policy page to remain up to date.