Psoriasis Treatment Cost in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan Price

Having red skin patches on the skin surface which are affecting a large area of the skin then you may be suffering from psoriasis. This skin condition is often painful and may affect the confidence of the person. If you are suffering from this condition then visit the dermatologist, he will determine your skin condition and will tell you a variety of treatments. At our clinic, we have affordable treatment for treating psoriasis. Know about the Psoriasis Treatment Cost in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan by reading the following blog.

Symptoms of Psoriasis:

There are different types of psoriasis, and every type has a different type of symptom. Some common types of symptoms are as follows:

  • Red skin patches with irritation and pain
  • The plaque is growing with time over a large surface area
  • Discoloration in the nails
  • The nail have started crumbling from the nail beds
  • Unnecessary shedding of the skin


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Best psoriasis treatment cost Clinic in Islamabad & Rawalpindi   psoriasis treatment cost Clinic in Islamabad & Rawalpindi  Best psoriasis treatment cost Clinic in Islamabad

Treatment Options for Psoriasis:

The dermatologist will examine your skin during the consultation time and will tell you the treatment options. Some of the best treatments for psoriasis are:

  • Topical Treatment:

Topical treatment is recommended for people who are having light to moderate psoriasis. The corticosteroids are usually used for sensitive areas of the skin such as the face and the skin folds. You have to use the medication one time per day and after a few days apply it on alternative days to see the results. Do not use strong corticosteroids as they can damage the skin and may make it thin.

  • Light Therapy:

If you have having moderate to severe type of psoriasis, then the skin expert suggests laser treatment. During the light therapy, controlled laser light is directed towards the affected area of the skin, but before the procedure, the area is numbed either by applying a numbing cream or a cooling gel to minimize the pain. You may experience little redness after the treatment, but within a few sessions, you will see the desired results. After the light therapy, your skin will start peeling off but make sure that you do not scratch or pick the skin as it can result in scarring.

  • Oral Medication:

People having psoriasis on a small surface area can take oral medications. The medications include steroids, retinoids, and cyclosporine. After taking the medication regularly you will start seeing the results. Do not take the medication without consulting the doctor as it can result in undesired results and side effects.

What is the Cost of Psoriasis Treatment?

As there are different ways to treat psoriasis, the cost of every treatment is different. Usually, the Psoriasis Treatment Cost in Islamabad & Abbottabad starts from PKR 5,000 to PKR 20,000. The price of the treatment may increase as it depends on several factors. The cost-determining factors are as follows:

  • Skin Condition:

Every person has a different type of skin condition, some have mild psoriasis and others have severe psoriasis. So the skin expert will first examine your skin condition and will tell you the cost of the treatment. People having sensitive skin with severe psoriasis require more care so the cost may be a little more.

  • Treatment Area Size:

If psoriasis is on a small area of the skin then less time will be required to perform the treatment so treatment cost will be less. While people having psoriasis on a large skin area will need more treatment and time to see the results so the cost will increase in this case.

  • Number of Sessions:

If the skin expert is performing laser treatment then you will require a few sessions to get rid of psoriasis. As the number of sessions increases the price of the treatment will increase accordingly. 

  • Experienced Dermatologist:

An expert and skilled dermatologist has a higher cost as compared to an inexperienced person. But the skilled one performs the treatment in the best way and there are more chances that you will get the results. So make sure that you choose a skilled person for getting the treatment. Dr. Asmat is one of the best doctors in Islamabad for psoriasis treatment. So you can consult him if you are suffering from Psoriasis. 

  • Pricing Policy of the Clinic:

Every clinic has a different pricing policy for every type of treatment. So, the skin expert tells you the cost of the treatment after considering this factor.

Ways to Manage Psoriasis:

You can also manage psoriasis by following the below-mentioned methods:

  • Try to take a bath daily
  • Know your triggers and avoid them 
  • Keeping your skin moisturised from time to time
  • Try to remain cool during the extreme weather conditions
  • Apply SPF if you are going out on a sunny day

Final Thoughts!

If you are looking for the best place to get psoriasis treatment then you can book an appointment with us by filling out the online form. We have the best doctors in the town who will treat your skin problem at an affordable cost. After reading about the Psoriasis Treatment Cost in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan if you want to know more then you can get in touch with our team they will guide you further about it.