Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad & Abbottabad Cost & Price

Hyperpigmentation is prevalent in people of all kinds of skin types and colors. It can be triggered by multiple factors like sunburn, acne, rashes, or trauma. Although it’s harmless most people see it as an aberration to their normal appearance and want to get it treated. Many people rely on home remedies to address the issue of pigmentation, but they rarely work. However, many techniques are now available to cure the condition of pigmentation. The Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad & Abbottabad helps reduce the appearance of this pigmentation. Read all about the treatment on the page below 

Essence of Treatment:

The treatment’s primary objective is to reduce pigmentation and dark patches on the skin. It not only lessens the visibility of scars but also enhances the tone and texture of the skin. To get the best outcomes, home care is crucial in addition to professional therapy.

Results of Pigmentation Treatment:

The procedure improves the skin’s texture and lessens the visibility of scars. While with some treatments benefits may be noticed immediately away, with others it may take several appointments to see the effects.


  • It gives the skin a vibrant and shining appearance.
  • The skin becomes clean and supple.
  • Skin tone and texture and the skin are enhanced.
  • Addressing their uneasiness increases the person’s confidence.
  • The methods employed are secure and extremely efficient.
  • All types of pigmentation are treated, and there are few adverse effects. 
  • The procedure is also rapid and affordable.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Any person with dark patches of any type
  • An individual without a severe skin ailment or disease
  • Medically sound individual and a psychologically fit person 
  • Someone who desires to avoid undergoing surgical procedures to address the problem of hyperpigmentation
  • Someone concerned about how their skin’s black patches look


Before beginning the therapy, the dermatologist has a thorough conversation with the patient about their doubts, issues, and desired outcomes from the treatment. The patients are then given therapy alternatives that are appropriate to address their issues.

The patient’s medical history is also examined to make sure they are a good candidate for the procedure and don’t have any major skin conditions that might interfere with the procedure. Following the selection of the method, the dermatologist provides instructions on how to be ready for the treatment.

Before the operation, the individual shouldn’t smoke or drink for a few days.

The dermatologist’s recommended sunscreen should be used to protect the skin from strong UV radiation.

The receiver has to drink at least 6 or 7 glasses of water every day to keep hydrated.

Before the surgery, the recipient should wait at least two weeks before undergoing any other cosmetic procedures.


The dermatologist adopts different techniques for Pigmentation Treatment in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan. Some of these are discussed below

Q-switch Lasers:

The Q-switched laser, having several wavelengths, can be used to treat a variety of skin disorders, including pigmentation, age spots, freckles, and even birthmarks. The deeper layers of the skin are effectively penetrated by the laser, which also increases collagen synthesis and breaks down pigmentation that is then eventually eliminated by the body.

Chemical Peel:

A Chemical Peel makes use of more concentrated acidic solutions to treat the targeted area of the body. To minimize the harshness of the melanin, the epithelium layer of the skin is removed. Deeper variations may also penetrate the skin’s dermal layer, producing more dramatic effects. The skin-rejuvenating effects of this peel are an extra benefit.


In the skin-resurfacing technique known as microdermabrasion, the top layer of skin is removed by skincare using specialized tools. The process also promotes the development of collagen. Collagen enhances the texture of the skin, making it smoother and more youthful-looking while also lessening the visibility of dark areas.

Apart from these methods, the doctor also uses mesotherapy or IPL therapy to lessen the appearance of pigmentation.

Aftercare and Recovery:

To speed up recovery and provide the greatest outcomes, post-operative care guidelines should be rigorously followed. Depending on the dermatologist’s approach, the healing time differs for each person. As the treatments employed are minimally invasive and have a quick recovery period, recuperation from the surgery often only lasts a few days or a week.

  • Maintaining clean, moisturized skin will speed up the healing process.
  • To reduce pain, apply cold compresses or ice packs to the red, swollen treated areas.
  • The skin is to be kept hydrated by drinking a minimum of 8 glasses per day
  • If the dermatologist provides any ointment, it should be used as directed.
  • The doctor advises washing the treated areas with antibacterial soap to lower the chance of infection.

Cost of Pigmentation Treatment:

The average cost of the treatment ranges from PKR 9,000 to PKR 19,000. It depends on various factors like the size of the treatment region, the number of sessions required, the expertise of the dermatologist, and the level of the clinic where the treatment takes place. The final cost of the treatment is determined by the dermatologist after considering all the factors.

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