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Hair wigs have come a long way from being a mere fashion accessory to becoming an essential tool for many people. Whether you’re looking to change your hairstyle, cover hair loss, or add a touch of glamour to your look, Hair Wigs in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan are the perfect solution. At our clinic, we offer a wide variety of hair wigs made from high-quality materials, designed to suit different preferences and needs. From natural-looking wigs that mimic the texture and movement of real hair, to bold and colorful wigs that make a fashion statement, we have something for everyone. Our hair wigs are customizable and tailored to fit your face shape and style, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit. Continue reading to learn more about it.

The Essence of the Treatment:

The main aim of hair wigs is to provide a natural-looking head of hair for people who have lost their hair due to medical conditions, such as alopecia, or who want to change their hairstyle without cutting or coloring their hair. Hair wigs can also be used for fashion theater and film performances.

Results of Hair Wigs Islamabad Pakistan:

Wearing a hair wig has a transformative effect on one’s appearance and confidence. With a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures to choose from, a wig helps you achieve a new look or simply enhance your natural beauty. Whether you are experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions or simply want to change up your look, Wigs provides a convenient and effective solution. Not only that but with the advancements in hair wig technology, today’s wigs look and feel more natural than ever before. With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality wig can last for many months, giving you the freedom to change your look as often as you like.


  • Conceals hair loss and thinning hair
  • Provides a natural-looking full head of hair
  • It can be a solution for people with sensitive scalps
  • Allows for experimentation with different hairstyles and colors
  • Low maintenance
  • Time-efficient for busy individuals
  • Can be customized to fit different face shapes and preferences
  • Can be used as a protective hairstyle
  • Can be used for special events and performances
  • Can be a confidence booster

Ideal Candidates:

The wigs are suitable for a wide range of individuals with different needs and preferences. Some of the most common candidates for Hair Wigs in Islamabad & Abbottabad include individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning hair due to medical conditions such as alopecia, trichotillomania, or chemotherapy. These individuals may use hair wigs to conceal hair loss and regain a sense of normalcy in their daily lives.

Additionally, people who want to experiment with different hairstyles and colors without the commitment of permanent changes, those who want to give their natural hair a break from heat styling or chemical treatment, performers and actors who need to change hairstyles frequently, people with busy lifestyles who want a low maintenance hairstyle, and people who want to switch up their look for a special event like a wedding or prom are also good candidates for hair wigs.

It is worth mentioning that, wearing a wig does not have any age or gender restriction, anyone can wear it if they want to, and we always recommend consulting with a hair professional to determine the best wig for your specific needs and preferences.


A stylist will have a consultation with the candidate to understand their needs and preferences, and to determine the best wig for their specific hair loss condition, face shape, and lifestyle. A hairstylist may prepare a candidate for Human Hair Units in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan by taking the following steps:

  • Measurement: The stylist will take accurate measurements of the candidate’s head to ensure that the wig will fit properly.
  • Hair preparation: The stylist will prepare the candidate’s natural hair by cutting and styling it to create a smooth surface for the wig to sit on, or in case of hair loss, they may suggest a scalp camouflage technique that will help to conceal the hair loss and make the wig look more natural.
  • Wig selection: The stylist will help the candidate choose the right wig from a variety of options, such as synthetic or human hair, different colors, textures, and lengths.

By following these steps, a hair stylist can ensure that a candidate is properly prepared for their hair wig and that the wig looks and feels as natural as possible.


When putting on a hair wig, a hair stylist typically follows these steps:

  • The stylist will prepare the individual’s natural hair by cutting and styling it to create a smooth surface for the wig to sit on. If the individual has hair loss, the stylist may use a scalp camouflage technique to conceal the hair loss and make the wig look more natural.
  • The stylist will then fit the wig on the individual’s head, making sure it is centered and aligned properly. They will adjust the wig to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.
  • The stylist will style the wig to match the individual’s natural hairline and face shape. They may use tools such as scissors, a razor, or a curling iron to cut, trim, or style the wig.
  • The stylist will use wig pins or clips to secure the wig in place, ensuring that it will not move or slip while being worn.
  • The stylist will make any necessary adjustments to ensure the wig is comfortable and looks natural.
  • The stylist will teach the individual how to maintain and style the wig properly and will schedule a follow-up appointment to check on the individual’s progress and make any necessary adjustments.

It’s important to note that this process may vary slightly depending on the salon, the stylist, and the individual’s needs. But in general, the stylist’s role is to make sure the wig looks as natural as possible and fits comfortably and to teach the individual how to care for and maintain the wig.


It’s important to note that the aftercare requirement can vary depending on the type of hair wig, synthetic or human hair, the material of the wig cap, and the glues or tapes used to fix the wig. After getting a hair wig, there are a few important steps to take to ensure the longevity and proper care of the wig. These include:

  • Gently brush or comb the wig before and after wearing it to keep the hair tangle-free and smooth.
  • Use a mild shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for synthetic or human hair wigs to keep the hair clean and healthy. Avoid using heavy styling products or heat tools on the wig.
  • Allow the wig to air dry after washing, or use a low-heat setting on a hair dryer if necessary. Never use a high heat setting as it can cause damage to the hair fibers.
  • Store the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head when not in use, to keep the shape and style of the wig intact.
  • Avoid sleeping with the wig on, as well as exposing the wig to heavy winds, rain, or other extreme weather conditions.
  • Regularly trim the ends of the wig’s hair to maintain a natural-looking style.

Cost of Hair Wigs Islamabad:

The Cost of Hair Wigs in Islamabad, Abbottabad & Pakistan can vary greatly depending on the quality of the materials and the construction of the wig ranging from PKR 34,999 to PKR 79,999. High-quality wigs made from real human hair can be quite expensive. However, there are also more affordable options available, such as synthetic wigs or wigs made from a blend of human and synthetic hair. Regardless of the cost, a wig can be a worthwhile investment for many people, as it can help them feel more confident and comfortable in their skin. With the many options available, there is a wig for everyone, and the benefits that come with wearing a wig are immeasurable.

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